Currier, Dobbs & Griswold, LLC provides effective management services to businesses, associations and nonprofit organizations nationwide. We provide today’s business owners and organization leaders the resources and services necessary to succeed in an ever-increasingly complex and competitive environment. CDG helps organizations to fulfill their mission and serve their clients.
CPESCCertified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control
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Currier, Dobbs & Griswold, LLC provides professional management services, training and development programs and convention and meeting planning services for small to medium size businesses, associations and non-profit organizations. Our company has offices in New Hampshire, New York, Delaware and Florida. Mary A. Currier (New Hampshire), Robert K. Dobbs (Delaware/Florida), and Philip S. Griswold (New York) possess more than 95 years of collective professional experience in program management, administration, and oversight; land-use planning; creation, negotiation, and management of conservation easements; association management; technical training; and professional development to our clients. The natural resources has been a major focus for each of our professionals but their experience expands into all avenues of business. Let their award winning leadership assist your organization.